Author: Erin Bernardi

Erin Bernardi has worked in education for over two decades, as a teacher specializing in work with at-risk populations and gifted students. For the past 7 years she held the position as an elementary School Counselor with Salem-Keizer School District in Oregon.  A key aspect of her guidance curriculum was peer mediation with a focus on non-violent communication, where students strive to get their needs met, exploring a path to win-win decision making.


Erin is drawing from her educational experience, creating stories and tools she hopes will empower students to make mindful choices and celebrate a healthy, happy outlook on life.


Erin is currently living on Lopez Island in Washington with her artist husband, Sam, where she is enjoying dedicating time to her writing career.


Artist: Patti Nelson

Patti Nelson Stoneham is a retired web professional, and an active artist who is passionate about painting, sculpting and illustrating.  She enjoys her growing relationship with the ANTs characters and the important lessons they bring to children.  


Patti lives on Vashon Island in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her artist husband, Bill Stoneham.

 About the Author & Artist